Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's Always Too Good To Be True

Back a long, long time ago I fell in love with a Masterpiece Theater series called "Lillie". Here is a description about it from Amazon:

If ever there was an unofficial queen of England, it was Lillie Langtry (1852-1929), a woman of such dazzling beauty and charm that no man could resist her. And if ever there was a definitive film of her life, it is this TV series. The 1979 production follows her on her rise from obscurity on the Isle of Jersey to worldwide celebrity in London high society and later in America...

It starred Francesca Annis who played the part so masterfully that even I was in love with her. Recently I have been thinking about DVDs I would like to own and Googled this. I really, really heart this series.

Imagine my great joy today when I found "Lillie" in a bin of previously viewed DVDs marked $4.99! A future rainy day treat! The fact that there was only one DVD did not faze me. Maybe the whole series fits on one DVD! I got it for $4.99!

It wasn't until I looked it up again on Amazon tonight that I see (glaring, screaming at me) it is an eleven hour series. The 13 episodes come on 4 discs. I own (for only $4.99!) episode 13 with bonus segments.

Yes, I know I have frequent (continuous?) bouts of total stupidity.

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