Friday, September 26, 2008

Subject: FW: HARLEY.... Any questions ?

Food for thought.

I'm telling you folks, this should be all you need to know to make the right choice.



Her Harley is made in the US and his bike is made in China.....

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wow! Thanks! All I need to make my decision on election day! You forgot to mention that she can field dress a moose! Another plus!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Catching Up

I'm behind in everything it seems. I want to post but posting causes me as much angst as Hannita choosing a church. I want to keep it simple and my posts digress in my mind and that causes procrastination.

I took a mental laxative so here we go...

One thing I've wanted to tell the world is that after kvetching constantly about the winter weather and spring flooding, the month of August was absolutely SUBLIME. The days were sunny, warm and not overly humid. The nights were cool. Air conditioning was only needed when the kitchen heated up with canning. I had no complaints, so therefore, no weather posts.

On Labor Day I watched a dear man water ski on his 80th birthday. Please click on the picture to actually see the skier.

80 year old skiing on his birthday

Labor day ended up being rather warmish -- but still, no complaints about the weather! Ask me, I can find other things to complain about. I took pictures of the sun going down that day. Again, click on the picture to see the sun!

sundown on labor day

The weather turned colder for a week or so, but OMG, it has been glorious since then. Like August was, only there with the specter of fall looming. I'm loving the weather, but dreading the sudden snap that will probably come.

Yesterday we had thunderstorms. Field work stopped when lightning was in the air and machinery was driven to safety. It rained like hell and left big puddles.

reflections of a combine in a puddle
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Now I am going to retreat back into my hidey-hole until I learn Joomla. If you don't hear from me again, you'll know it killed me.

Friday, September 12, 2008


I am not as good at gardening as my mother. I tried to start my own flowers this year. I started really early, thinking it would be a good thing. But spring was late in coming and my plants got very leggy. I transplanted them and nursed them along. I took the leggiest ones which I had labeled "mexican sunflowers" and stuck them in the ground without hardening them off, telling them they were on their own. They got frosted and snowed on and, needless to say, did not survive.

Finally the real spring came and I planted the balsam by the front door. The plan was to have something about 18 inches high, colorful and attractive to butterflies in front of the house. Like this:


When my flowers bloomed I knew something was terribly wrong! They were all orange, not the mixed colored balsam I'd planted. And they bushed out and grew taller and taller and started looking a lot like, well, mexican sunflowers. Finally I realized I need to refine my plant labeling system instead of expressing outrage to a company over mislabeled seeds that cost me a couple of bucks.

I went out yesterday and pruned them back so I could get to the door. I took this pic at my eye level.

mexican sunflowers

At least the butterflies love them!

butterflies closer

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


This is a response, in part, to a comment on my last post about my bowling teammate who was a GW lover.

When the Dems and the Others were running all over Iowa and battling it out to be nominated by their parties, my sister in law who lives in PA wrote me :

Man has Iowa really turned as conservative as the PBS news makes it out to be?

All this talk of ministers scares me....if they threw out the ones commiting all the 'sins' there wouldn't be any left.

I responded to her as such:

I guess it depends on where you are how conservative the people are. I like it when I am surprised by a liberal person. Gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. And there are plenty of us! Just not so many in the country (there are urban areas in Iowa, really).

I think the majority of Iowa's conservatives are just dumb-ass rednecks that haven't ventured far enough out of their safety zone to realize not everyone thinks like them. (Or is WHITE, or CHRISTIAN) Such a thing is really unimaginable for them. It is so sad.

I learned a lot when I was tending bar and wore my "Dean for President" t shirt. Holy shit. You would have thought my shirt said "I Murder Babies" or "Give Me All Your Money Because I Refuse To Work and You Owe Me".

Before the war in Iraq I got into a heated discussion with a Bush lover who wanted the war. His reasoning: He wanted every child in Iraq to have the opportunities American children have. Which was total bullshit. He went on to say that Americans owned all of the oil in the middle east because Americans were the ones who found it and developed all the wells and refineries. He was serious. I was scared.

And I am still scared.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Bowling Disasters

Bowling started a week ago last Thursday so I've had two nights of the new season under my belt. Bad news: I bowled really well (for me) both nights.

This is bad because I am establishing an average that I cannot hope to maintain. I know how I bowl. I bowl fairly well and never consistently. Many, many nights I am hoping to break 100 so I don't look too stupid.

Night 1 of Bowling:
I got into a political discussion with a teammate about the Iowa legislature. The discussion started out innocently enough but then took a couple of bizarre jumps and then went on a rocket ship to la-la land when teammate professed a dying love and devotion for George W. Bush. It was a gigantic and strange leap that left my jaw on the floor for a full minute.

I told Teamie that we could never, ever, EVER discuss politics again.

I should have learned this lesson long ago. Crab keeps telling me, I keep ignoring him. Lesson: If you are enjoying someone's company, don't spoil it by talking about things which may reveal your friend is on the other end of the spectrum. (Not to mention completely delusional and oh, so WRONG!)

I was bummed out all week by that exchange. I was swimming in a sea of red voters and was about to drown.

Night 2 of Bowling:
In spite of the RNC being in full swing (too bad that a little rain in Florida and the pressure from the liberal media made them miss a day of partying) I went to bowling last night with a determination to enjoy myself and not talk politics.

I had made a nifty pair of bowling shoe covers with non-skid pajama feet bottoms to cover my shoes when traipsing around beyond the lanes. Keep your bowling shoes slick! Sliding is everything!

After the first game I covered my shoes and took a little break. When I got back from break a new game was starting. It was my turn! I took my ball, made my aim, took careful, measured steps while bringing the ball back.... ready.... aim.... step.... step.... step....

And fall over the foul line onto the oiled lanes. The non-skid pajama feet bottoms really work.