Tuesday, March 04, 2008


H gives me calendars every year for Christmas. Every time she comes home she checks my calendar, i.e., she flips it to the correct month. Last year she gave me two calendars which vexed her twice as much when she came home.

This year she gave me my favorite -- a Mary Engelbreit daily desk calendar. Each day has a one of ME's sweet illustrations along with a famous quote or saying. They are corny, I know, but I like them. The calendar displays the correct month and most of the time, the correct day. Less work for H.

My favorite ME illustrations deal with the Queen of Everything or Princess Quite A Lot. And who could not love "Life Is Just a Chair of Bowlies?".

Since I'm all about intellectual property and copyrights I did not scan today's entry for a post. Instead I made my own illustration which better fits my mood.

My post was going to be "Never, Ever Volunteer Unless You Are Rich or a Lawyer". More precisely the title would be "Never Get Involved in the Conception of an Organization (Unless You Are Rich or a Lawyer)". If you are a lawyer experienced in non-profits and would like to help me wade through government forms pro bono, please leave me a comment. Let's talk. In the mean time, I AM FINE.



Gwen said...

The first thing I do when I get back to Oklahoma is go through my grandma's house and flip all her calendars. The ones in the extra bedrooms are sometimes months out of date.

pj said...

Well now I don't feel so bad.

Or maybe I should just feel old instead.

Gwen said...

Well, if you're going to be like a grandma, it could be worse--mine just barely turned 70, so she's not THAT old for a grandma of a 32-year-old.