Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Life Out Here

Yes. I live. In spite of the efforts of the universe to crush my spirit to dust. I have proof of my existence. I have been taking photos even though I have been very lax in posting and commenting on them.


Fungus. Very dead, but I still keep it around.

New cat

The new cat amuses herself.

Have you ever heard (or had the experience) that you buy a kid an expensive toy and wait anxiously for them to enjoy the hell out of it only to find they are playing with the box the toy came in? That is what this cat is doing to me. I bought her a frigging play station with dingles, dangles and scratching posts. Her favorite toys? The bathroom rugs and the dog's food. Really, I think she likes the dog's food the best. And the very best thing is to scoot dog food under the rug.


The season never seems to end. I'm sick of it and yet -- it is the only time I see people. Except for my weekly shopping. Which is not "shopping", it is going to town and buying shit. Big difference.

The entire bowling alley. I'm not kidding!

You know what's really funny about this 6 lane alley? Every week one team has to bowl alone (the blind) because we only have 5 teams of 4 women. Move here! Join the Strikettes! Make things interesting! Any team than I am on will still be in last place. You have a chance to make the sports news in the local paper every week.

Waiting for spring

Hope springs eternal. I haven't been kvetching about the long, arduous winter like I did last year because I foolishly thought spring was here on March 20.

Long before that I started some petunias. It is something I have never done before but this year tried it with seeds I harvested from dead petunias. Have you ever seen a petunia seed? They are smaller than a period in one of these sentences.

I planted them and gave up on them. But they didn't give up on me. They actually sprouted.

Teeny tiny tunias.

What spring?

Still waiting for spring. Flurries here and there. Windy. Dreary.

You can't see it, but there is snow.

Friday, March 13, 2009

I Love Him More Today Than Yesterday (But Not As Much As Tomorrow)

If he breaks my heart I will die. Or go on a rampage and never, ever trust another human being again.

I am talking about Obama, of course.


I started this post a long time ago, got interrupted, and didn't get back to it until now.

It was written after Obama's address to Congress and contained various gushy stuff (love him! love Michelle!) and snarky stuff (Ruth Bader Ginsberg's doily over her Justice robe) and notes on what Obama said. I took notes during the speech because I wanted to be prepared for bowling night.

It turns out that the congressional speech was not discussed at bowling but the address to the nation a few weeks earlier had been. From that discourse (I bit my tongue for a change and was all ears) I learned that: he talked in circles during his press conference and said nothing; the stimulus package is full of pork that will benefit big business; the damned Democratic Congress will rubber stamp anything Obama says; that under Obama's health care plan you will no longer be able to choose your own doctor; and Obama is trying to turn this into a socialist country.

I'm glad I didn't have to argue Obama's case after the Congressional address. It would have been a waste of air. I am in the wrong place, or I am thinking wrong. I must be thinking wrong. The letters to the editor in the local paper tell me so! The other bowlers tell me so!

I think I'm going to be stubborn and contrary just a bit longer. And bite my tongue often. You will recognize me and others like me by the blood dripping down our chins.

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