Thursday, October 08, 2009


A couple of weeks ago on a lovely warm and sunny day, a bird flew into my clean kitchen window with a loud ker-thunk. I ran outside to tend to an injured bird or bury a dead one, but there was no bird to be found, just this print it left behind.

Bird Print

The sun is set on a beautiful day yesterday. It was a beautiful day because the sun was out, it didn't rain and the temps were above 65 degrees.

How quickly my idea of a beautiful day has changed. On September 27 the high was in the 80's, the sun was brilliant and a cold front was ready to descend on us. I took a drive and snapped some photos, wanting to keep warm and sunny September with me until spring.

Colorful Weirdness

Barn Quilt


Historical Marker



Black Horses, Black Birds

My Favorite Dam

More Fishing

There is snow (snow I said!) in our forecast for this weekend. That makes me feel like the many coons I encountered on my sunny day road trip.

Ker-thunk, Ker-thunk