Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Looking for Boring

Get Yourself Some Boring -- I miss your blog. I miss your take on American Idol. I cannot slog through this without you. It is killing me.

Why do the judges heap praises on people that make me want to reach for my earplugs? Are the contestants really that good? Or are the judge's ears dead from week after week of listening to this?

You are the only one I trust. Plus you were very funny, too. Please come back.


Ang said...

Oh, you're so sweet. I decided to take the blog down because my super-secret identity was blown, in part to people I need to rely on to get me jobs, and I need to look professional and like I'm not "wasting" my time on blah blah.... If I do another, it'll be under another name - but I'll be sure to let you know. Just don't blow my secret :)

pj said...

I solemnly swear to never, ever reveal your identity. You could have me waterboarded and I still would not tell. I couldn't.

While your super-secret identity was blown within your community, your identity was never known to me. Which is why I always bugged Jeremy to tell Ang stuff.