Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I consider myself somewhat computer savvy. You may not think it to look at me, but I am not a total idiot. Not constantly, anyway.

Tonight Captain Crab sent me a YouTube link that I cannot open to save my life. YouTube wants me to prove something, though I'm not sure what. My age?? How bad can a video about a Winnebago be??

Google and YT must be in cahoots now, yet YT does not know me. I know I have a YT account, I know I have a Google account and yet the twain are not meeting. I tried several times to get in, to have YT tell my Gmail WTF I was doing wrong, all to no avail.

And the captcha, there to confound non-humans, has totally confounded me. Here are the last 5 of the approximately 1,239 attempts I made to access one stupid video.

I give up.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Office Kitties

Hey Bob's gender became obvious a few weeks ago. Since I did not get HER into the vet for an operation I can expect another display of cat misery soon. When she is her normal self, she likes to help out in my office.

Office Kitty Is Too Big

Snotty Pants likes to help, too.

Snotty Pants Paper Weight


Wednesday was a hot, hot day with a "heat index" of 114. The humidity was brutal. A cold front moved through and the ensuing storms moved around me, barely getting me wet. But they did leave a rainbow.


It's there, take my word for it. To the West the sky was brightening.

to the West

Somewhere last night got pounded by rain and wind. I swatted mosquitoes and photo stitched. No sewing required.


Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I Need Crab

I need him to take the pressure off full-blown adolescent kitty activities. When he's home, he complains about Hey Bob and I laugh. Crab left yesterday morning and Hey Bob is taking her teenage angst out on me.

This morning I woke to a newspaper knocked off the table and partially shredded on the floor. Ha ha. I sat at the computer and all of a sudden had no connection. I discovered Hey Bob had turned off the power strip that the router is plugged in to. Ha ha again.

I went to town today and purchased a much coveted item -- hydrocortisone cream -- to alleviate the itching from the boil like mosquito bites I am suffering from. I removed the tube from the cardboard box and, like a fool, left it on the table.

I found the tube later on the floor of the kitchen, the top flipped open and with tiny tooth perforations on the tube. Less funny.

Like a total idiot, I put the tube back on the table. This evening I went to a meeting and came home and could not find my hydrocortisone. So. Not. Funny.

I can't wait for Crab be the object of Hey Bob's torment. Call me. I wake up at 3 a.m. when the itching gets to me.