Friday, February 01, 2008

A Solid Foundation For Marriage

There was some twittering going on at the bowling alley last night. A diamond ring was being flashed by a certain young woman.

I had to ask who gave it to her.

The guy she calls and idiot and an asshole? Who she's said she hates? The guy she kicks out at least once a month?

Yep, that guy.

I wonder if her little sister's recent engagement has something to do with her suddenly sporting a diamond from that guy.

It is too late to hope they will not spawn and continue this cycle of stupidity. They already have 2 kids.


Gwen said...

I wonder if she's a long-lost relative of mine. She totally sounds like someone I'd be related to by blood.

pj said...

I know she has immediate family in Arkansas, but that's as far south as I can place the lineage.

And aren't you glad you broke though the chains of DNA?

Gwen said...

I have some long-lost relatives in Arkansas. They came to visit once and started showing my grandma how the symbols on food are a code Jews use to communicate with each other. This is when I decided that if you find long-lost relatives in Arkansas, you should leave them lost there.

Captain Crab said...

I went to a community college in Arkansas and was married there also. What does this say about me? And the woman that married me?

Gwen said...

That you got very, very lucky.

Captain Crab said...

Thanks for the support, Gwen!