Friday, February 22, 2008


People who have been tuning in for the current weather report in central Iowa may wonder why I continue to hang in here when I have been so miserable. Gwen was right, on Crab's island I would not have my nuthatch, who so graciously allowed me to photograph him this morning.

My personal nuthatch.

And I would miss my favorite tree that I planted when it was just a little stick.

my tree
My favorite tree.

And I would miss a day like today. Brilliant and dazzling with diamond dust sprinkling down.


Diamond Dust.



Gwen said...

I love the nuthatch! What are you feeding him? It looks like a bunch of cotton, but I assume it's something way more appetizing.

As for the dazzling and diamond flakes...I can totally do without them. I get various shades of brown, and I'll settle for that.

pj said...

It's appetizing to a nuthatch. Or a hairy or downy woodpecker. It's suet.

Not very appetizing to a vegetarian.

Hannita said...

I love it when the skies are all sparkly.

But really, we will only have a few more storms and then spring will be here.

pj said...

Hannita --

I know our winter has to be winding down. Which is why I didn't complain about the storm yesterday. I also did not want to bring on the wrath of a March storm. We had a doozy last year.