Thursday, January 07, 2010

It Just Gets Better And Better

Yesterday the light, fluffy snow fell and fell. My car looked like this:

Today that fluffy snow is flying about with wild abandon. It is not very pleasant. My dog (the only one who has actually been outside today) has to step into the unknown, since we can't see the step.

I cleaned that off yesterday!

Out the kitchen window:

Captain Crab is losing his truck:

And I am hoping to hear that Hannita decided NOT to make a road trip from Chicago to Iowa today.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I'm listening to "The Human Spark" on PBS right now. Alan Alda is exploring primitive man. He keeps saying "Neandertal". I studied this stuff years and years ago in grade or high school, and back in those neolithic times, we called early man "Neanderthal". Every time Alan says "Neandertal", I get a tic.

Maybe he's right. I don't know. I do remember suffering great confusion when out of the blue the capital of China quit being Peking and started being Beijing. I'm guessing the people of China got ticked that the Westerners started calling Beijing something else because it was easier for them.

But I really, really doubt that there's a coalition of pissed off Neanderthals demanding political correctness.

Or everything I ever learned in school was wrong, wrong, wrong.