Friday, September 05, 2008

Bowling Disasters

Bowling started a week ago last Thursday so I've had two nights of the new season under my belt. Bad news: I bowled really well (for me) both nights.

This is bad because I am establishing an average that I cannot hope to maintain. I know how I bowl. I bowl fairly well and never consistently. Many, many nights I am hoping to break 100 so I don't look too stupid.

Night 1 of Bowling:
I got into a political discussion with a teammate about the Iowa legislature. The discussion started out innocently enough but then took a couple of bizarre jumps and then went on a rocket ship to la-la land when teammate professed a dying love and devotion for George W. Bush. It was a gigantic and strange leap that left my jaw on the floor for a full minute.

I told Teamie that we could never, ever, EVER discuss politics again.

I should have learned this lesson long ago. Crab keeps telling me, I keep ignoring him. Lesson: If you are enjoying someone's company, don't spoil it by talking about things which may reveal your friend is on the other end of the spectrum. (Not to mention completely delusional and oh, so WRONG!)

I was bummed out all week by that exchange. I was swimming in a sea of red voters and was about to drown.

Night 2 of Bowling:
In spite of the RNC being in full swing (too bad that a little rain in Florida and the pressure from the liberal media made them miss a day of partying) I went to bowling last night with a determination to enjoy myself and not talk politics.

I had made a nifty pair of bowling shoe covers with non-skid pajama feet bottoms to cover my shoes when traipsing around beyond the lanes. Keep your bowling shoes slick! Sliding is everything!

After the first game I covered my shoes and took a little break. When I got back from break a new game was starting. It was my turn! I took my ball, made my aim, took careful, measured steps while bringing the ball back.... ready.... aim.... step.... step.... step....

And fall over the foul line onto the oiled lanes. The non-skid pajama feet bottoms really work.


Hannita said...

I was going to say, I'm pretty sure you live in Iowa, which seems a lot like Kansas in its politics. So you should be pretty used to the George W. love, shouldn't you? You two seem to be pretty exceptional in you political leanings for rural America.

goblinbox said...

Oof. A high average early in the season is just no good.