Friday, September 12, 2008


I am not as good at gardening as my mother. I tried to start my own flowers this year. I started really early, thinking it would be a good thing. But spring was late in coming and my plants got very leggy. I transplanted them and nursed them along. I took the leggiest ones which I had labeled "mexican sunflowers" and stuck them in the ground without hardening them off, telling them they were on their own. They got frosted and snowed on and, needless to say, did not survive.

Finally the real spring came and I planted the balsam by the front door. The plan was to have something about 18 inches high, colorful and attractive to butterflies in front of the house. Like this:


When my flowers bloomed I knew something was terribly wrong! They were all orange, not the mixed colored balsam I'd planted. And they bushed out and grew taller and taller and started looking a lot like, well, mexican sunflowers. Finally I realized I need to refine my plant labeling system instead of expressing outrage to a company over mislabeled seeds that cost me a couple of bucks.

I went out yesterday and pruned them back so I could get to the door. I took this pic at my eye level.

mexican sunflowers

At least the butterflies love them!

butterflies closer


Captain Crab said...

That explains the jungle outside the front door!

goblinbox said...


Hannita said...

This does give me a chuckle every time I read it.

Jesikarena said...

I have balsam by my front door and I really love it. Although its kinda strange thatthe flowers grow inside the plant. Great pictures by the way : )