Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Catching Up

I'm behind in everything it seems. I want to post but posting causes me as much angst as Hannita choosing a church. I want to keep it simple and my posts digress in my mind and that causes procrastination.

I took a mental laxative so here we go...

One thing I've wanted to tell the world is that after kvetching constantly about the winter weather and spring flooding, the month of August was absolutely SUBLIME. The days were sunny, warm and not overly humid. The nights were cool. Air conditioning was only needed when the kitchen heated up with canning. I had no complaints, so therefore, no weather posts.

On Labor Day I watched a dear man water ski on his 80th birthday. Please click on the picture to actually see the skier.

80 year old skiing on his birthday

Labor day ended up being rather warmish -- but still, no complaints about the weather! Ask me, I can find other things to complain about. I took pictures of the sun going down that day. Again, click on the picture to see the sun!

sundown on labor day

The weather turned colder for a week or so, but OMG, it has been glorious since then. Like August was, only there with the specter of fall looming. I'm loving the weather, but dreading the sudden snap that will probably come.

Yesterday we had thunderstorms. Field work stopped when lightning was in the air and machinery was driven to safety. It rained like hell and left big puddles.

reflections of a combine in a puddle
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Now I am going to retreat back into my hidey-hole until I learn Joomla. If you don't hear from me again, you'll know it killed me.

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