Tuesday, September 09, 2008


This is a response, in part, to a comment on my last post about my bowling teammate who was a GW lover.

When the Dems and the Others were running all over Iowa and battling it out to be nominated by their parties, my sister in law who lives in PA wrote me :

Man has Iowa really turned as conservative as the PBS news makes it out to be?

All this talk of ministers scares me....if they threw out the ones commiting all the 'sins' there wouldn't be any left.

I responded to her as such:

I guess it depends on where you are how conservative the people are. I like it when I am surprised by a liberal person. Gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. And there are plenty of us! Just not so many in the country (there are urban areas in Iowa, really).

I think the majority of Iowa's conservatives are just dumb-ass rednecks that haven't ventured far enough out of their safety zone to realize not everyone thinks like them. (Or is WHITE, or CHRISTIAN) Such a thing is really unimaginable for them. It is so sad.

I learned a lot when I was tending bar and wore my "Dean for President" t shirt. Holy shit. You would have thought my shirt said "I Murder Babies" or "Give Me All Your Money Because I Refuse To Work and You Owe Me".

Before the war in Iraq I got into a heated discussion with a Bush lover who wanted the war. His reasoning: He wanted every child in Iraq to have the opportunities American children have. Which was total bullshit. He went on to say that Americans owned all of the oil in the middle east because Americans were the ones who found it and developed all the wells and refineries. He was serious. I was scared.

And I am still scared.

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