Saturday, May 03, 2008

Bird Party

While I was about to post crappy pictures that were badly Photoshopped, I saw a blog recommendation -- Photoshop Disasters. Hmm. In some of them I couldn't see the problems even when they pointed them out. Some were obvious. My work will probably end up there as a glaring example of total ineptitude.

I'm doing the best I can with what I have to work with. That goes for digital photography, marriage, motherhood and life. So there.

Back to the birds, as this blog has turned from me constantly complaining about the weather (it is friggin cold and windy -- a high of 54 is NOT May weather) to a blog in which I either brag or whine about birds.

The blue jays were kind of scarce for a while but the other day decided to come to pj's and have a party.

Blue Jay Party
Psst --- we're having a blue jay party at pj's.

Here's the best part (and the worst Photoshopping) -- the hanging oranges have paid off. An oriole was eating them today.

Oriole. Really. Please take my word for it.

I hope he tells his friends.


Gwen said...

I love your birds!

Gwen said...

If I go to my office really early in the morning, I see California quail, and I squeal with delight every single time. I just can't help it. Pretty birds make me silly.

Hannita said...

Gwen, when I lived in Arizona we'd see the little quail trailing along after the mother. It was quite fun.

PJ, is that real? With all those blue jays? That's so much fun! I want to come to the party.

pj said...

Yes! The blue jay party was real. It must have been a reunion of some kind because all but one seem to have moved on. It was fun while it lasted.