Tuesday, May 06, 2008

For Hannita

My grandmother always had the most beautiful iris in a dazzling array of colors. I grew up loving iris (and day lilies, which she also had). Grandma also had these little iris that bloomed early in the spring. I had some of my grandma's baby iris long ago but none managed to make the trip to the place where I live now.

A couple of years ago my friend Kate gave me some of her baby iris. They aren't Grandma's, but they look like hers and I think of my grandma whenever I look at the precious little blooms.

And I think of Hannita, too, who makes her own iris.

Baby Iris
Sweet baby iris.

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Hannita said...

How did I just see this today? =)
You're very sweet.
Iris are the bestest. My grandma had some of the most amazing iris in the world, partly because one of her brothers, my great uncle, hybridized them. Her backyard was full of them and I love them because of her.