Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Better Everything

I mentioned to Hannita in my comments that my mother had much better birds at her place. This morning I was talking to my mother and told her about my little mystery bird. Mom one-upped me. She had a mystery bird, too. Only she had 4 of them. My brother was out there and managed to get a picture of one of the little birds, which my father tried to email me.

The process of teaching my parents to send an attachment is post-worthy in and of itself. "This damn computer is broken!", "It just doesn't work!", "It is just not possible!", "I quit!" (Things I heard my father say as I was talking to my mother who was trying to relay instructions.)

I got the email with the same photo attached three times. So, yes, it does too work. Mom said she was going to practice sending attachments this afternoon when my dad was out of the house.

I tried desperately to get a shot of my little bird. This is what I ended up with:

My Bird
My Bird, My Camera

Don't bother clicking on my photo. It is as big as it will ever get. Here is the photo my brother shot of my mother's little bird:

Better Bird
Better Bird, Better Camera.

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Captain Crab said...

OK, what is the "better bird"? I have never seen it before.