Thursday, May 29, 2008

Planting Posts

I joined a Yahoo group for plants/seed exchange and gardening advice even though I am a tad out of the area of the group (but willing to travel for new plants).

I have belonged to the group for about 24 hours. Every new posting arrives in my Yahoo in box. I've gotten about 20. I read them and thought (after all but the apparently literate moderator's posts), "OMG!!! Just because you dig in the dirt doesn't mean you can't write a decent sentence!"

Or does it? Maybe I should belong to the "Plant Exchange for People Who Can Be Understood When They Post" group.


Hannita said...

Do you think they realize that they aren't coherent? Or do they just not have those basic skills?
If it is a Yahoo group you should be able to subscribe to the group as a daily digest or as something you can log in to and check on a regular basis.

pj said...

Here is an example from today:

I have plant hostage 3 time and am not having good luck the 1 time I
plant in a sunny place and that was wrong . Next I got some lilies
with them and planted them together Lille's are doing great but they
seem to crowd out the hostic. Last year I planted 4 around My ugly tree
(what my kids call it. and 4 came back but not where I put them don't
mind where the are at but do I pull the grass around them will they
spread. also
does anyone know where I can get Sweat grass plant and info on it

This one is semi-coherent, I guess. Once you figure out what hostage/hostic are.