Friday, May 23, 2008

Going For The Gold

I went to Ames Friday to watch my sister in law compete in the Special Olympics. I grumbled a lot about "having" to go, but once there had a grand time. It helped that I did not have to cling to the vertical cliff (bleachers) all day, but only for a few hours. Seriously, it was all I could do to keep from puking while looking straight down at the pool below.

My sister in law won handily and brought home the gold. You cannot imagine how excited she was.

I took the back roads on my big trip, driving on one of my favorite roads, E18. I encountered very little traffic and some great scenery. I got to pick my own pace and not get pushed and pulled along by the crazy people on the interstate. This is one of the things H hates about riding with me. I like to enjoy the scenery and she likes to get places fast.

Here are some things you can't enjoy while barreling down I35.

E 18
My Favorite Road

Church On My Favorite Road

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Captain Crab said...

I can't understand why H doesn't enjoy the scenery. Maybe it's that she had to ride with people who did when she was a child.