Monday, April 28, 2008

Mystery Solved

I've had a little bird out here that heretofore has defied identification. Until this morning, that is, when I finally figured it out by not relying on crappy drawings from my bird book or the what-bird website. I figured it out by googling pictures of the possibilities. And I ended up with an orange crowned warbler and snagged the picture. You know it is not a picture I took because it is good and there are leaves on the trees. Hello -- we are still having winter here. Or maybe fall. There has been frost the last two mornings.

Orange crowned Warbler
Mystery Bird.

I glimpsed what I thought was an oriole yesterday morning so strung a cut orange for him. Later the bird showed off for me and it wasn't an oriole at all. It was a spotted towhee. Not that I mind but I have an orange freezing / rotting in the tree.

spotted towhee


Hannita said...

You have more interesting birds out there. I do love my cardinals and we have had a woodpecker in the area that I've seen once/heard twice.

pj said...

My interesting birds don't hang around, though. They are just passing through.

My mother has the best birds. She has orchard and baltimore orioles, cardinals up the ying yang, every kind of woodpecker you can imagine, nuthatches, chickadees, grosbeaks and turtle doves. And the wild turkeys in the woods.