Monday, April 14, 2008

Spinning My Wheels

I have a new client for whom I am building a website. I have spent countless hours making a Flash movie that fits neatly in the header. Countless. Hours.

After I showed the client one of the earlier versions, he informed me that he was no longer involved with one of the companies represented. Back to the drawing board! After completing the next version he told me that he was not involved with yet another company that was represented.

Communication is paramount. It is also a skill at which I am completely inept, evidently.

I can't blame all of the hours spent on dismal communication. My Flash skills are somewhat rusty. Eventually I got his product representation right and got the movie to work the way I wanted.

The original intention was to have the movie run on the home page and then just have a static graphic on subsequent pages. While I love making Flash movies, having something constantly moving in my line of vision drives me apeshit batty. So I decided to have stop and go buttons. Then I made the mistake of asking for opinions from various people which caused me to make (or try to make) different ways to stop, pause, start the movie. I think this is where the majority of countless hours came in.

So here for your viewing pleasure is various farm and some industrial equipment scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. Unless, of course, you want to stop it and then make it go again.

And if anyone out there can tell me a simple way to have a pause button that morphs into a play button when then movie is paused (and vice versa) without causing me to entirely redo the movie, feel free to tell me. Please.

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