Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I found these pictures that I don't think I've ever posted before. The first is my choice for American Idol.

My American Idol

Hannita posted yesterday about hair angst. This is my favorite bad hair day photo ever.

Bad Hair Day
Bad Hair Day.


H said...

It is cruel of you to exploit your own child for the purpose of bloggertainment. However, she is pretty damn cute.

pj said...

This child was never identified other than my favorite idol and favorite bad hair day.

I, however, have been called a "mean mommy" for things completely out of my control. Talk about cruel!

And the child in the photos is extremely cute. Exceedingly so. Painfully so.

Captain Crab said...

Takes after her Dad, I think.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Crab

Captain Crab said...

I'm with the Crab also.

H said... is cruel of you to exploit A child for the purpose of bloggertainment. Still, pretty freakin' adorable.

pj said...

What makes you think the child takes after her father? Her HAIR??

Hannita said...

That is a bad hair day. Pobrecita.

pj said...

Well, Hannita, I had to look that one up! My Spanish is limited to what I learned when baby H was watching Sesame Street.

But I'm wondering what makes the child a poor thing. The fact that she got her hair wrapped around the axle of a toy car or the fact that her mother stopped to take a picture before removing the car from her hair?

She also got her hair caught in the springs under her crib and fell asleep with her head on silly putty. No pics, though.