Friday, March 21, 2008

Forced Spring

I have spring on the brain. It's been there for months but now my brain is closer to reality.

Captain Crab had a post with a picture of my tomato Christmas tree. I've kept this plant alive for years, which amazed me. I didn't know it was possible. All this winter we've had a lovely ripe tomato to eat now and then. (Confession time) I've gotten more tomatoes than Crab has. I can't help it if the fruit reaches optimal ripeness when he is on the road.

When the days started to get longer the plant really started to put out, blossom wise. I haven't eaten a tomato in a while but this thing is a blooming and fruit setting fool.

tomato blossom
Tomato Blossom.

green tomato
Green Tomato.

tomato blossom with cat hair
Tomato Blossom.

If you click on the last picture and see it in a larger format you will see a cat hair among the hairs of the tomato plant. And then you will know why I scoff at Hannita who suggested her perfectly lovely present might be somewhat tainted.

Sorry, Gwen, if all this talk about eating tomatoes is making you queasy. I just don't get the non-tomato-eating vegetarian thing. It's just not right.

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