Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Orange You Glad?

Knock, knock.

Orange you glad I haven't complained about the weather lately? Crab posted about the guy who complained. If you followed the link and read the comments to that letter to the editor, you'd see a consensus that Iowans who chose to live here full time have a right to complain. Others do not. So I stopped complaining just to be contrary. (Plus one day when I complained to H, she told me to quit whining because we weren't going to get very much snow.)

But the weather has not improved that much. I have not posted about the snowfalls, freezing rain and other crap that seems to happen at two, (or if we're lucky) three day intervals. We did have two thawing days last week but stiff winds sucked the joy out of the thaw. Not that I'm complaining!

This morning I woke up to a Christmas card scene. The ugly, dirty drifts, sunflower seed shells and other detritus was obscured by a gentle white blanket. It was lovely and very deceiving. I forgot that the lane and much of the yard was still a glacier.

So on my way to the compost pile with a container of kitchen refuse, I fell. Boy, was I surprised. I looked up to make sure no one saw me. Whew! At least pain came without the guffaws of bystanders.


Gwen said...

It was in the 70s here last week, then dropped into the low 60s this week, and everyone is pissed about it and complaining about how "awful" the weather is. I am aware this is ridiculous. I am also complaining about it.

Hannita said...

I totally fell on Tuesday. Right on my arse. It was fantastic.