Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Sprung

Spring came this morning. Leaves didn't suddenly appear on trees but a flower bloomed.

A gift from Hannita

Sweet Hannita sent me a lovely present. Out of the blue. I was stunned. I still am. Her note cracked me up. She was concerned about the possibility of cat hair on the pristine hand-embroidered towel she sent. Cat hair?? I am more concerned about washing the towel in my rusty well water. I may have to frame it instead.

Hannita and I have tentative plans to meet tomorrow. Last night I dreamt about her and slept fitfully. She was to come from Chicago to Boone County, Iowa today. The weather between here and there was not good. I called her phone today after I got her gift and got her voicemail. She has not called back.

I don't know the who she is visiting so I can't call them. I don't know if she made the trip through the snow. I just don't know...

1 comment:

Hannita said...

You worry too much.

Lovely to meet you in person. Thanks for making the trip.