Sunday, March 18, 2007

Watching for Spring

I've been playing in Illustrator and getting ahead of the game. On Tuesday I will have the Illustrator class and be bored shitless after being bored shitless in the do-nothing class before it.

Spring break is over. If I'd had a rip-roaring good time during break I might be sad about it, but spring break sucked. Basketball on t.v. usurped my soaps, hubby was underfoot most of the time and I didn't even get my taxes done. The worst thing about having to go back to class tomorrow is that I am not used to the new time even though I've had the whole week to adapt.

I really want to get this college experience over with. College has been a detriment to my learning. It has taken my curiousity and crushed it. It has accomplished the goal of any good institution - break them down.
Although I'm not completely broken. I half expect to get expelled for my seditious ways before graduation.

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goblinbox said...

What a strange image! Simultaneously disturbing and cute. Nice.