Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dear Target

Remember when you were a great store? I do. You had everything I needed that wasn't grocery related in one spot. Well, except for automotive things which you had in a seperate building but still, you had it all.

Even when that upstart WalMart (WalMart sucks) built a store in town, I was undeterred. You were my everything (except groceries) store. Perhaps the pressure from WalMart (WalMart sucks) made you decide to build a new building and move.

I was cool with the new store. Automotive was under the same roof. You still had everything I needed. You rocked. And we lived happily together for years and years. I was not drawn into the Super WalMart (WalMart sucks) that was built. You were still my everything (except groceries) store.

Then you had to ruin a beautiful relationship by expanding. Not into a Super Target, but into a sort of super Target. You added a pharmacy (who gives a shit?) and some groceries. And you killed the soul of the store I loved.

I used to be able to help people find stuff in your aisles, I knew them so well. Now I'm pretty much lost. But it's not being lost that has killed my love for you. It is what I find when I'm wandering around those unfamiliar aisles.

Today, while searching for a hair product, I saw a 6.7 oz. bottle of shampoo for $24.99. Holy crap. That's more than I spend on a pair of jeans. For $24.99 I could buy 2 gallons of my regular shampoo. I gotta ask, WTF is wrong with you? Are you trying to force me to shop at WalMart (WalMart sucks) which will inevitably raise my blood pressure to the point of cardiac arrest?

WalMart sucks, but I have never had any expectations from that store. You, dear Target, have broken my heart.

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