Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Potato Gun Kid

On Monday a kid in one of my classes was frustrated about an impending meeting with the college bigwigs that kept getting postponed. The college President (Dr. B) and Vice President were jerking him around before giving him a tongue lashing. The kid had gotten caught shooting his potato gun outside of the dorms.

He didn’t seem worried about the meeting itself, just upset that the meeting had been scheduled and rescheduled several times. He was wearing what he considered his best shirt for a tribunal. It looked like he dug it from the bottom of a heap but whatever. I told him he should wear Goth makeup, carry a bible and when it was all over, thank Dr. B and VP T for setting him straight.

I had class with The Kid again today and asked how the meeting went. He said VP T was spitting during the vehement tongue lashing. He was meted 2 strikes on his housing policy (one more and he’s out of the dorms), a $50 fine which will double every week until it’s paid and his gun was confiscated. I think the gun being taken hurt the worst.

We imagined Dr. P and VP T playing with the potato gun and taking the $50 fine and going to a bar for drinks with it. I wouldn’t put it past them.

I was trying to think just what T’s position was at the school. I looked on the school website and couldn’t find anything. So I Googled him. Not only did I find his title (Vice President of Enrollment Services & Student Affairs) I found something better, which I knew but had forgotten. I found a news release from the state attorney general’s office about Dr. B and VP T’s little brush with the law. They got off much easier than The Kid did, even though they pled guilty to serious offenses.

I just wish I would have found the news release before The Kid had his meeting. It may not have affected the outcome but it might have made him feel better.

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