Thursday, March 15, 2007


The other day I noticed that migration is in full swing. I saw 3 seperate flocks of geese flying over in a five minute span. Every time I hear the honking I have to stop, locate the flock and watch it until it is a dot in the distance. Every time!

This morning on the way to the barn I saw 2 seperate flocks. Gaggles, whatever. Leaving the barn, I saw a half of a V with one goose flying the point. Shortly behind it was the other half of the V with one goose flying point. I wanted to see them merge but they disappeared first. Why was the other half lagging? Did a goose have to make a pit stop and his half of the line stopped with him? Maybe the left half of the V were renegades trying to barge in on the right side of the V's party.

I walked to the mailbox and heard ducks. Of course I stopped to watch. This was a massive armada comprised of about 10 different V's. But the V's kept changing in this wild, flying dance of merging and reforming different V's. Before that squiggly line had completely dissolved, I heard another flock of geese. Wow.

No wonder it takes me so long to get the mail.

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