Friday, March 09, 2007

thankgodits SPRING BREAK

I had two classes today. In the first class (layout design) I had the option to take the test over the last chapter or wait and take the test in a week. Knowing I would not get smarter over break, I took the test. I should have waited a week.

I got sucked into a trick question that was repeated in 10 different ways. I got a 78 on the test. Even the 88 I would have gotten had I not fallen into the trick question trap would not be up to my usual standards. Still, it beats the test I took yesterday. The test was a surprise since I skipped the [horribly mind numbingly stupid] class [taught by a moron who asks us how to do stuff in the program she is teaching] on Tuesday. I hadn't studied. I hadn't even READ the chapter. I got a 68. Wo.

After my dismal test this morning I had a break which I utilized by running errands, leaving the Incredible Mind Suck to talk to herself. Then I went to my only other class for the day (CAD), a class I call a do-nothing class. I have two such classes this semester taught by a brilliant man who knows these classes are just curriculum fluff for convoluted, meaningless programs.

So we mostly do nothing in either CAD or virtual modeling. Today we walked in and he told us if we had drawings that weren't done to draw them. The rest of us got to leave. So spring break started an hour early. Yay!

I have big plans for spring break. I'm going to get my taxes done.

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