Sunday, June 14, 2009

Petey Must Die

The last time H was home she saw the ground squirrel cleaning up seed under the bird feeders. "Aw," she said, "I'm naming him Petey".

A few days later Crab and a neighbor were enjoying the time honored practice of sitting on the front stoop, drinking beer and trying to shoot ground squirrels. There was at least one rodent fatality that day. I secretly hoped it wasn't Petey.

Cute little Petey appeared the next day to stuff his face under the feeder and has been showing up daily. We co-exist. I don't bother him and he hasn't bothered me until this morning.....

Eating flowers!


Gwen said...

Oh, naughty little ground squirrel!

Hannita said...

We don't have ground squirrels here in Chicago. Petey is cute, even if he is marked for death.