Friday, June 12, 2009

Gardening Stuff & Bird Notes

The cardinal pictured in the previous post did not hang around. I was lucky to get a picture. Why, oh, why do they always leave me? I have sunflower seeds! I have water!

The orioles are still here, at least. I had an plastic net onion sack filled with yarn bits hung in a tree. Last week I checked it and it was empty. The other day I tiptoed through the long grass and looked up in the trees until I saw the orioles high in the branches next to their nest. They are nesting here! Take that you stupid cardinals!

I have been trying to get my flower gardens in order. It's work. It's work I have to redo constantly since Gretchen thinks freshly dug flower beds mean a new dog wallow for her. She jumps in her swimming pool (small stock tank) then rolls and digs around in the dirt sending teeny, tiny petunias flying. I think that dog would live happily with pigs.

Besides the grave stone I made for Ringo, I have been making pavers for lawn edging. These are studded with glow in the dark stars that used to be stuck all over the daughter's ceiling.

In other news, yesterday I made a trellis for cucumbers and gourds.

I discovered that the dirt I made was not done cooking. The weed seeds sprouted like crazy as soon as I filled these "planters". Tomatoes sprouted, too. And even though I didn't plant any squash in there, I may have some squash growing. The thing is, I can't tell because the cucumbers and gourds look the same as squash. So we will see what I end up with. It could be a good year for things not planted.

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Kate said...

Um. I think I should have made a trellis like that for my green beans. They are taking OVER.