Friday, June 12, 2009

Memorial For Ringo

Ringo was my fuddy duddy little buddy. I adopted him from a friend who had adopted him from a shelter. I loved him long before he came to live with me. He was funny, smart and talented. In spite of his size, he was a wonderful watch dog. He was no match for the UPS driver, however.

Ringo has been gone for sometime. I buried him under the cedar trees by the bird feeders. I can see Ringo's grave when I look out the kitchen window so I think about my fuddy duddy little buddy every day.

Ringo's grave. The cardinal did not hang around.

I made a new stone for Ringo with his tag in the center of it. The other day I moved the rocks and placed the stone and planted some flowers. It is a more suitable memorial for a dog I loved so much.


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goblinbox said...

Why you gotta make me so sad?