Wednesday, June 03, 2009

More Procrastination From Yesterday

My goal yesterday was to get some house cleaning done while the Crab was on the road. So I guess the inbox cleaning was procrastination from that. Once all the cat videos had been watched, it was time to....

Think about the birds!

Every time I pass the kitchen window I have to look to see what is there. I wonder if I am doing my best to keep the birdies happy. In true procrastination form, yesterday afternoon I decided I was not.

Even though I have 3 jelly stations set up for the orioles, I decided they needed their nectar feeder. So I made nectar, filled the feeder and hung it. Then I started cleaning. Unfortunately I have to pass the kitchen window often. Less than an hour after I hung the feeder, I saw this:

Poor little thing

The poor little hummingbird could not get the hang of this feeder. He couldn't find the holes and the perches were set for the big birds. So he hummed around and was sipping drips that fell from the bottom.

I did what any compassionate procrastinator would do. I cleaned the old decrepit hummingbird feeder. I broke the plastic tip on the top trying to shove a wire into it and had to waste more time jerry rigging a new way to hang it (queen of time wasting!). I filled it, hung it and went back to cleaning. I was rewarded later by observing a happy hummingbird at that feeder.

In other news: The peach iris are blooming. And weeds are taking over everything.

Peach Iris


goblinbox said...

Life in Iowa = weeds taking over everything.

pj said...

No weeds in Washington? It must be heaven.

Hannita said...

just this morning i was watching a little bird in the alley way by the dumpsters (a little less picturesque than out my window)and listening to his pretty song.

also! iris! hooray!

Kate said...

I do not believe that watching birds and admiring flowers is wasting time. I think it's a fabulous way to spend it.

Jesikarena said...

Love the peach iris!!