Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January Thaw Preview

The January thaw is coming tomorrow! One day above freezing is something to get excited about. Late this afternoon I went for a short walk with Gretchen and took some preview pics.


Gretchen's butt

The corn stalks glow in the light

The 911 address sign has ruined this for me

I mean really. No one lives there. Why does it need a frigging sign?


RR Xing


I can't believe a collector hasn't snagged these insulators

Scrub trees

Fence Line

More fence

I hope you enjoyed the photo walk. Tomorrow I will be going to the supermarket. I don't think it will be a photo journey.


Captain Crab said...

nice pictures

goblinbox said...

So pastel! And cold!

Nice dog butt.

Hannita said...

love the pictures. that house with the tree growing out of it is pretty fantastic. and the snow drift.

i washed my car yesterday since it was above freezing. that was exciting.

pj said...

I thought about washing my car yesterday and that's as far as that got. I think we topped out at 32 degrees.

I've taken many pictures over the years of that building with the tree growing out of it. It would be a good winter project to scan and post them.

Hannita said...

i would enjoy seeing them if you have time to scan them. =)