Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Have No Room To Talk -- But...

Michelle Obama's gown looks like a chenille bedspread.

She looked gorgeous on election night. She has a great figure and could wear anything. So why would she drape herself in the spread off the bed?

I leafed through pictures of gowns designers were begging her to wear. Most were stunning. This thing is not becoming at all.

Like I said, I have no room to talk sitting here in a dirty sweatshirt and jeans. This is not the biggest problem our country faces. But OMG, that dress is horrible.


Gwen said...

I thought the same thing--it looks like an over-done prom dress.

Captain Crab said...

I new that I would read about the dress somewhere, I just never thought that it would be pj and Gwen discussing it!