Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Asked and Answered

Captain Crab asked this morning, "How Cold Is It?"

Today is is cold enough for sundogs.

Left Sun Dog

Right Sun Dog

Mush reports spring-like conditions in Walla Walla, Washington and is happy to be away from "that Midwestern-style frozen tundra crap". Frozen tundra is an apt description of what I see out my front door.

Snow blowing on the tundra

The good deed of the neighbor has been undone but I'm sure he will return with his snow moving machine after the wind stops. If the wind stops? I don't want to think it...

1 comment:

Hannita said...

It's cold here but nothing like what y'all are dealing with. Although tomorrow's high will be 2.

I was hoping that this winter we'd get off easy since last winter was such crap. Not so much.