Thursday, May 31, 2007

He's Ba-ack!

A couple of springs ago the indigo buntings came and feasted with the gold finches. I had never seen an indigo bunting alive before. (there is a story of me possessing a DEAD indigo bunting but that's another story.) I was in bird heaven. They hung around for a week or so and then they were gone.

Last week I saw one again. I only saw one briefly that one day. But tonight he (or some bird like him) was back eating thistle seed. It was too dark to take a picture (or maybe I need to wash windows).

At any rate, a blast from bird heaven past:

Bird Heaven


the crab said...

does this sighting help you get over the "Pity Party"?

H said...

Oh, I hope you're not hoarding this one in the freezer.