Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Around the May Pole

Happy May Day. Sorry I didn't make you a May basket.

I'm running out of steam. I just finished one project and have a magazine left to do, countless chapters to read and papers to write. Next week - finals.

The project I just finished is for an instructor I detest. Maybe it's jealousy. She's pulling down a good salary and has great bennies and she doesn't know squat about any of the subjects she teaches. I like her as a person, I really do. She just has no business being in front of the classroom.

So why do I give a shit? I don't want to mess up my four point oh this close to the finish line.

Back to the project -- Thanks to H and Hulles, but damn, people, you didn't give me enough to go on. Drum roll....... Sincere thanks to Mush who not only gave me a title, she gave me an author's name, a jacket blurb and a publisher.

If it sucks, wait a week to tell me. This is just part of the book jacket.



H said...

What was wrong with The Accidental Zookeeper? And I gave you plenty to go on; I said I wanted a yellow jacket.

I had no idea that termites looked like that. And this one must be radioactive. Scary.

H said...

It does look great, though. And it's better than any idea I would have come up with.

Hulles said...

I like the jacket segment. Rock lobster, honey. And congrats on the 4.0! And good luck in your finals. I'm proud of you.

pj said...

Wow! I've been so busy I didn't even notice I had a Hulles comment! Thanks. Just finished my last class and have finals for the next 3 days. Maybe I'll be a better poster then.