Saturday, May 19, 2007

Too. Much. Stuff.

(for someone who seemingly has done nothing forever)

I don't know where to start. I've packed a lot into 2 days. On Thursday I:

1. Tested the new DVD player and returned the defective DVD player.
2. Demanded the Target Associate prove the new selection worked and then bought it.
3. Drove to Home County, ate lunch with my brother, went to a garage sale and installed PhotoshopCS on my brother's computer and gave him a quick lesson.
4. Went to my folks, set up the DVD player, watched bits of Fahrenheit 9/11 and listened to bits of Johnny Cash (Mom was grooving to the tunes).
5. Helped my dad put a one-row corn planter together.
6. Went for seed corn with my dad so we could test the calibration of the planter and saw horrific crimes against the environment, nature, God, and anything that is holy.
7. Contemplated the best course of action to report said crimes.
8. Worked on planter calibration.
9. Went to Dam Town and visited with an old friend who was filling in for my Post Master sister-in-law at the Post Office.
10. Went to the dam and took photos for a potential job.
11. Went to my sister-in-laws and helped her clean/sort/throw the remnants of her dead brother's life and drank some beer.
12. Bought a beat-up coffee table from sister-in-law's dead brother and stuffed it into the back seat of my Subaru.
13. Made it home safely.

1. Checked emails and blogs, dinked around on computer.
2. Unloaded coffe table from car.
3. Drove to Ames on the fucking interstate.
4. Parked blocks and blocks away from Beyer Hall, as per advice received from H.
5. Walked a long fucking way to Beyer Hall.
6. Got to Beyer Hall too late to see my sister-in-law (hubby's side of the family) compete in her first competition at Special Olympics where she got a silver medal.
7. Went to lunch with the hubby's family (and H, of course)
8. Went back to ISU campus where H and I wandered around.
9. Saw an art exhibition that was open for Alumni Days. The exhibit we wanted to see wasn't open til later.
10. Hiked around the campus some more and went back to Beyer Hall.
11. Sat with hubby's fam who had saved good seats.
12. Waited for sister-in-law's race and tried to fight off vertigo from sitting on a narrow seat on a vertical surface overlooking the pool.
13. Waited for race and tried to avoid the clanging in my head from the reverberating noise and ignore the vertigo and ignore the kid who was climbing over the seats and kicking me constantly.
14. Made friends with the woman sitting next to me and cheered for her teams while waiting for one race.
15. Saw sister-in-law win!
16. Went to the winner's platform with H and took pictures of our gold medalist.
17. H and I bolted from the fam and went hiked to catch the exhibit that was closed earlier.
18. Exihibit not what we expected.
19. Hiked to H's car and went to Reiman Gardens.
20. OMG. Wonderful. Experience. The butterfly garden was incredible. Everything was so beautiful and the good stuff isn't even in bloom!
21. H took me back to my car which had not been stolen or vandalized.
22. Took the scenic route home to shake the city and interstate traffic off me. (E18!)

Got out of my jammies about noon, filled bird feeders, got the mail, contiued contemplating reporting crimes, worked on a logo and that's enough. I'm pooped.