Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It's All My Fault

I just had to post the picture of the robin in the snow. I'm afraid it brought on this latest bout of unpleasant weather. In a vain attempt to stave off the 6 inches of fucking snow that is headed our way, here is a picture from March, 2000. (Happy, happy good times!) Never mind that the picture was taken in a tropical country. It is what I want. And I want it now.

In other news, the cheap scanner that I bought a couple of years ago is crapping out on me big time. Among its many problems is the fact that it doesn't like the USB port it was plugged into on the back of my box. So when I used this cheap crappy scanner, I plugged it into the USB extension that I plug my zip drive into. Now I'm done scanning and I have no idea where my zip drive is. The zip drive that holds ALL of my class projects, including the finals I am working on. Damn.

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