Sunday, April 22, 2007

Gopher Addendum

I fell for the same stupid trick again. I'd like to tell you that as a member of the Smart Kids Club I figured it out on my own. But I enlisted the help of the smartest human I have ever met, Jeremy.

Now I feel really stupid because this is the same as the stupid card trick that I came across several years ago and figured out right away. Maybe I should remove these posts to retain my illusion of smartness. But thinking back, I'd have to remove even more posts. Maybe I should get back to Project #1, now in version 8.


H said...

I hate that fucking gopher. Tell me how it works.

pj said...

Ha. Glad I sucked someone else into my stupid web.

H said...

Yes, hahahahaha, now tell me how it works. I don't like it when virtual gophers are reading my thoughts.