Tuesday, April 10, 2007

And I'm a Member of the "Smart Kids Club"

The "smart kid's club" as H in the Cities calls it, is the PTK. It is junior college's equivalent of the Greek system. I didn't attend a rush party. I didn't have to pledge. I don't hang out with my sorority sisters or fraternity brothers. I don't even know who they might be.

This is what I had to do to become a member of this auspicious group: maintain a high GPA and give them $70. Yay. They let me in, gave me a certificate and a lovely pin.

So much for the smart kids club. The zip drive is still missing. OMG. Tracing my steps: I had the urge to blog a photo, walked over to my photo albums, brought an album back to my desk. I picked a photo and put it in the scanner. I opened Photoshop and realized I had to plug my crappy cheap scanner into my USB extension. I removed my zip drive, plugged in the scanner, scanned, optimized, posted.......

So WTF did I do with my zip drive???????

On the upside, I found the ear buds I've been searching for for 2 months. If it takes 2 months to find the zip drive drive that's been sitting undetected in front of my face I'm going to check myself into the nursing home. Missing zip drive = 2 semesters of college loans wasted. Finding it in 2 months will be a sad, sad joke.

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