Thursday, April 30, 2009

One Of Many Problems

I am working on my own website to tout my abilities and show off work I have done. Hopefully, I will drum up more work.

I have had the domain name and space on a server for at least 2 years and for all of that time there has been a static page with a link to my recently updated (community) college portfolio.

The problem? Now that I have settled on a look for my site, I am having trouble tooting my own horn. When I did my horn tooting for my college portfolio, I just thought of my main instructor who knew absolutely nothing about what she was getting paid the big bucks to teach and outlined my accomplishments. I made myself look like a self taught prodigy.

Now it just looks sad to me. I am good at shooting myself in the foot so I don't know if my previous horn tooting is solid, slightly stretched reality or total bullshit.

And here is another problem: I am pj of notmyrabbit here. Only persistent and relatively sane people people know who I am. (Crab falls in only one of those catagories. Easy to guess which one.) I don't even use my whole real name on Facebook, where I can be crude and rude. Crude and rude has no place on a professional website.

I cannot link my site to my blog. It has way too much personal information. I am one big chicken!

I am ready for advice and will send the link to my current site to the persistent, relatively sane people who ask. You can be honest and tell me I'm in the wrong line of work then hire me to herd cats or something.

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Hannita said...

i am a terrible advice/feedback giver. =( either i'm all positive or all negative.