Friday, April 17, 2009

The Color Of The Day: Sweet, Tender Green

The trees are budding and the grass is turning green. The black birds (grackles, redwings, brown headed cowbirds) are innumerable and cacophonous. They also account for most of the activity at my bird feeder. I put out oranges today in anticipation of the orioles. They will arrive soon, I hope.

Some of the sweet, tender green:

Lilac buds

Cottonwood buds

I can't wait for the cottonwood fluff! It is more fun than snow and just as pretty.

Birds in the willows

My poor linden tree

My poor linden tree has seen better days. Looks like it has been making the woodpeckers happy, though.


Another color of the day: black. As in birds and dirt. It's planting time!

Planting with birds

This is not a product endorsement


Hannita said...

How is the bird watching going? I'm excited to see bits of green too. All to soon (this weekend to be exact) it'll be 80+ degrees and I'll long for January. Then again, maybe not.

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