Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I Am Beside Myself

I have a fluttery feeling in my stomach. I can't concentrate. I want to start celebrating but am afraid the boogey man will take over all the voting machines to spite me.

I waited until 10 to vote because I wanted to avoid the crush when the doors opened. If you knew my polling place, you would laugh. Here is a short tour of the Greenfield Township polling center:

Click to see the big picture!

The lovely election ladies help Kelcie

Kelcie wanted to try the touch machine.

I used one of the booths to fill in my ovals.

My reward. Well, that and a new president.

Now that I have voted I have time to drive to Chicago for Obama's party in the park. But I will sit, spin and obsess here instead. Tomorrow is a great new day!

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Gwen said...

I just gave up in the middle of a lecture and said it was time to go home. I couldn't do it any more. I had to come home to start obsessively checking websites and watching election discussions, even though I know it's too early for any results to be in.

ACK ACK ACK! I'm going to have a nervous breakdown!