Thursday, November 27, 2008

Felix Update

We've reached a milestone or two. Felix is eating a whole serving of food at time without me spooning it into his mouth. Better yet, I don't have to hold him while he eats. We can break the association of my lap with food.

I saw a glimmer of old Felix this morning when he reached his paw into his dish. He used to do that with the dried food -- reach in and dig out a chunk and eat out of his paw. Only the food didn't always stay in his paw long enough for him to eat it and there was always a mess around the dish.

I dreamed last night that he jumped up on the counter. But alas, it was only a dream. He eats, he drinks, he sleeps on the heating pad, he uses his box. Pretty good for a cat that was this [] close to going into a hole in the ground last week.

Thanks for the good kitty wishes! >^..^<

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