Saturday, November 01, 2008

Gretchen's Big Adventure

I loaded up Gretchen this morning and we went to my mom's, a place she's never been. I've never taken her before because Gretch is conveniently deaf and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to control her. My fears were unfounded. She behaved and had a wonderful time. People, you know Gretchen is my dog, and I am not depriving a grandchild of seeing her grandma.

It was such a gorgeous, wonderful, unbelievable day. This is November??

We started out through the walnut woods. The dense woods around the house are trees that my parents planted themselves.

When we got close to the river Gretchen found the rivulet and wallowed in the shallow, muddy water like a pig. We were laughing so hard I didn't get a picture. Not to worry about the mud, though, Gretchen discovered the river itself soon enough and took a bath.

Mom watching Gretch swim.

Most of the trees they planted were walnut and pine but they did plant a few oaks.

Oak tree

My mom's favorite tree is one that was already there, a hackberry. It has great arms that beg you to climb up and sit on them.

Favorite from afar

We used to go to Mom's to get our Christmas trees but the trees are way to big now. Right before I took this picture, an owl flew out of the pine forest.

I left mom's with a trunk full of garden goodies and a tired dog in the back seat. I'm going to wake the dog up so we can go out into the fields to pick up food for this guy:

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Idea #527 said...

I love your Mom!!!! :)

And I remember all those times when I was little all the walks in the woods and canoeing down the river!