Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weather and Birds

The weather has been gorgeous. Temps in the low 80's, nice breezes, and except for the occasional thunderstorm squall, sunny. A real downside of the recent wet weather is that the mosquitoes are thriving. Just try to open the car door and get in without a cloud of mosquitoes getting in with you. It can't be done.

H sent me one of those helpful hint forwarded emails that said Listerine kills mosquitoes. The email also said that spraying Listerine around your deck leaves you free to enjoy the great outdoors. I wondered if the generic would have the same effect and H figured it would. So one day before I went out to feed my birds I splashed a little generic Listerine on my arms and face. It made me sticky and very, very attractive to the little bloodsuckers. I would like to know if anyone else has tried this. More than that, I want to know what really works besides Deep Woods Off.

So other than the mosquitoes, the weather has been wonderful. Farmers are back tending to their fields. Some of the field ponds have dried up and been replanted. Other field ponds look like they are here to stay:

Geese in a corn field.

I was running low on eggs so this morning went to Crazy Uncle Miltie's Chicken Farm for eggs. Milt wasn't home so I wandered around and talked to the birds. Milt has such happy chickens. Happy chickens lay the most wonderful eggs. I went to his egg room, put some eggs in a carton and left a note and some money.


I used to have chickens. I miss them.


goblinbox said...

I loved having fresh eggs, back when I had chickens. Eggs are awesome.

Hannita said...

I wish I had an Uncle Miltie's chicken farm nearby where I could just go find some eggs, leave some money and know that it would all be just fine.