Sunday, June 08, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Yesterday was a muggy, muggy day. I tried to reclaim a patch of ground for garden but gave up. I managed to dig out enough muddy ground to plant some spinach, carrots and radishes that should have been planted a month ago. I came into the sweltering house, showered and dressed in minimal clothing to monitor the impending storms.

Crab mowed the lawn, showered and took off on one of his little journeys. I started working on food (mmmm....pea salad), played Facebook Scrabble with H, tried to watch a stupid movie and waited for the shit to hit the fan and cool off the damn house.

It did hit pretty good. I got phone calls. Crab wasn't coming home right now because it was raining too hard. My mom heard the name of the non-existent "town" where Crab and I live on the television. Evidently, a tornado had been heading here.

Really? For once I wasn't nervously pacing from window to window. I was just looking forward to the cool down after the rain.

Then several more phone calls from the K Town bar coalition asking me to come uptown. They had no electricity in K Town and life would not be complete without me there. So I went.

The new neighbors saw a tornado skipping down the K Town blacktop on their way to town. It had been very close to my house. K Town had been hit by lightning, knocking out the electricity. Basements were getting wet. I heard a generator running a sump pump.

The bar was stuffy and dark so we stood on the street and enjoyed the rainbow, taking pictures with our cell phones.

in front of the bar
In front of the bar, snapping pics with cell phones

over the old elevator
Over the old elevator

Look! The rainbow ends at Crab and pj's. Alas, there was no pot of gold when we got home.

rainbow end
They said the rainbow ended at Crab's and pj's. It didn't.

It rained and boomed all night. The fields are full of ponds. Rain is in the forecast all week long. I'm hoping my mom has her usual bountiful garden because we are going to starve if we have to depend on mine.

The house is down to 74 degrees, though!


Captain Crab said...

You already knew that life isn't complete without you around!

Hannita said...

How are things there?

goblinbox said...

Gorgeous rainbow pics, momma!